Get your domain expertise to sell itself

Whitepapers are powerful marketing tools to leverage your company’s expertise while delivering genuinely valuable information that individuals are looking for. Anosales offers distinctive whitepaper marketing service to B2B firms in distributing whitepapers to their ideal leads. We have adapted proven telemarketing model to target whitepapers, Brochure, flyers, comparison charts and case studies to your industry & other readers.

By this service, Anosales reaches out decision makers and technology/business influencers across large, medium and small businesses. We reach out relevant audience segment of opt-in subscriber base and understand whether they would be interested in your product or service. If we get the positive response we send the whitepaper to individual’s email id and the lead will be captured.

Whitepaper Syndication Process

Facts about Whitepapers

Prime B2B Marketing Tool

61% of B2B content marketers used white papers as a marketing tool in 2013.

Effective Content Marketing Tactic

57% of B2B marketers rate white papers as an effective content marketing tactic

Propagates through word-of-mouth

Two-thirds of people surveyed by said they will pass on a high-quality white paper to a colleague

Value Proposition

Distribute Whitepaper to ideal prospects

Get access to your target segment

Generate Qualified Leads

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