Data Management Services


Profitably grow your customer base with up to date contact database.

We can help you connect to your best customers and prospects through our data management services. These are a collection of services aimed at database cleansing and enrichment of existing contact database.

It is very important to have highest quality data which is accurate, up to date, complete and exactly represents the real world. To be specific, the competitiveness of business in data driven industries such as insurance, retail, telecommunications, banking etc is mainly decided from the quality of the contact database.

To help ensure the businesses to have accurate and current data Anosales offers following data management services:

ilace popullore per seksin Email Appends: Through this service, we provide 100% opted in email addresses to your existing contact database. Addresses are highly accurate and deliverable. And you pay only for confirmed mail ids.

επεμβαση στηθουσ To Generate Opt-In, Permission based email ids for higher ROI !

Email append is a data quality service designed to improve the quality of your existing database and hence to accelerate and enhance your email marketing campaign. Email Appending is a process through which we match the names and physical location of customers or prospective in the existing database with their accurate and deliverable email id. Through this service, we provide 100% opted in email addresses to your existing contact database. The Addresses will be highly accurate and deliverable. With our email appending service we can help you add email address, title, telephone and fax numbers, etc to your business account profiles.

stel zoekt vrouw in Lelystad The Anosales Email Appending Process:

Phase 1: You send us your internal database

Phase 2: We match the received database with our 30 million businesses opt in email account records. During the matching process whenever there is a match of name, company name and location in the client’s database the email id from our master database will be added to the client’s database.

Phase 3: Once appending is complete the email ids will be verified for deliverability.

Phase 4: In order to get the opt-in email accounts, a standard message will be sent to the email addresses which were appended. If the recipients choose to opt out from receiving the email message from our client then that email address will be deleted from the database.

Phase 5: The final enhanced database will be sent to the client.


veličina peni Database hygiene: To ensure that your database will not contain duplicate data, also the service includes enhancing, correcting and expanding a record.

par söker par i Norrbotten Creating accurate database of deliverable emails to boost response rates

To efficiently reach your target market it is important to keep your database up to date and accurate. No matter how large database of contacts of past customers you have, if it not current, will cost you high during the marketing campaign.

If you are in need of clean data for improved mail deliverability, our data hygiene can help you get great marketing results and high ROI.

Anosales Data Hygiene Service Includes:

    • Removing duplicate data
    • Deleting inactive email account details and replacing with the new
    • Correcting misspelled data
    • Adding missing data elements
    • Reducing redundancy in organisational data
    • Enhancing existing data by appending missing elements
    • Removing ‘opt-out’ contacts by comparing with the third party data source
    • Validating the data no matter which county it belongs to


Database Build-out: By targeting the right market and discovering the right contacts we can filter the most suitable prospective clients in your database.

Enhance marketing opportunities, build trusted relationships

The most crucial element for sales and marketing campaigns is database of contacts. Whether you are a start up firm or an established company, to grow, the new customers are absolutely necessary. To get the best database, discovering the right contacts by targeting the right targeted market is the only way. There is no alternative to this process. If you consider middle men who provide millions of data, that will prove to be a very costly mistake. That is because not only most of this data will be irrelevant, most other will be of people who will not be interested to receive communications from your company.

How can Anosales Database build-out service offer a solution?

Our goal is to build the quality database of business contacts for your company that meets the exact requirements. We learn about your target market and understand your product or services through a lot of consultation with you. With the worldwide networks we have and with the existing database you give us, we capture current information on your most likely prospects for the roles or individuals that would be the right targeted contacts. Hence, not only we build a tailor made business data, we also can improve your existing data and make useful in terms of sales perspective through our database build-out service.

The database we build is assured for accuracy. Each contact will be validated and verified. You will own this data and there is no restriction to the number of times you may use these contacts for your campaigns.



Briefly, Goal of our Data Management Services: 

  • To find new customers for your business
  • To remove ‘dirty data’ and keep your clean and up to date
  • Improving the deliverability rate of your message across  inbox’s

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