Account Profiling


Knowing your prospect’s needs & future business strategy

Er sucht Ihn in Krefeld To have insights on the needs, business structure, future strategy of your current customer base and prospects can gain you a great competitive advantage! If your sales team has the decisive information detailing which accounts present the bigger opportunity of closed business they will finalize the deals easily without losing any time.

kikiriki za rast grudi Our Account Profiling service is unique and provides valuable and the most relevant information to your sales team with which you can optimize your sales resources and they can approach the prospects with a sales pitch more confidently.

Anosales Account Profiling Process

par söker man i Lund We make use of our sales research best practices that is, a blend of desk research and telephone communication to develop in depth understanding of your target accounts.

забавяне на изпразването We take notes about their future buying process, key areas of investment, decision makers, budget and timeframes to give you valuable insights in your CRM systems or any other file formats.

With Our Key Account Profiling Solution You Get:

    • Detailed company account profile about your prospects or existing customers
    • Total marketing intelligence to continually refine your sales and marketing strategies and to reach only the most qualified leads
    • New business opportunities to sell more effectively
    • Guaranteed results through our custom research program and you pay only for the accounts we successfully deliver ( “Pay for Performance” pricing model)

par søker kvinne i Kragerø If you want to extend the information with the contacts of decision makers of the company, we can combine our account profiling service with key Contact discovery service. Know more about Contact Discovery Service.

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